Sunday, July 29, 2012

On the Mend!

Okay people, I'm on the mend and feeling like a million bucks!  The surgery was a huge success and I'm officially tumorless...Yay :)
So here are the updates:  The tumor was much bigger than expected (6 cm) and the darn thing had wrapped itself around my vocal cord nerve.  So the doctor had to cut the nerve to get the tumor out.  As a result, I'm pretty hoarse which is a significant trial for a chatterbox such as myself but I'm learning to deal. And the doctor says in time my voice will return but I'll probably never sing in the Mo Tab.  I guess that's fine.  My soprano career is over, but you better believe I'll rock the alto section in the ward choir!  I'll take a little bit of a hoarse voice though, if it means I get to be cancer free, and I know there are lots of cancer patients who have it much worse than me, so I feel pretty lucky.
Oh and additional good news, my doctor called a few days after the surgery and said that even though the tumor was large, it was encapsulated in the thyroid and hadn't spread to the lymph nodes or other tissues...What a relief.  So after radiation, I'll be cancer free!
So now what?  Well, I'm seeing a speech therapist to help strengthen my voice and waiting to have radiation in October!
But I just have to say that everyone has been so helpful and supportive through this whole thing.  It hasn't been the best news of my life, but I have been overwhelmed by the love and prayers people have sent my way.  Thank you really just doesn't seem adequate.  Y'all are wonderful :)

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