Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bend and Snap!

On a whim, my sisters and I decided to get tickets to Legally Blonde the musical...I thought it was rather fitting considering our circumstances! Anyway, we had a great time at the show and loved every minute of it. A few of the highlights from the show were the song "Is he gay or European?" and of course the classic "Bend and Snap" scene! However, I must confess my favorite part of the night came after the show when we had an encounter with an intoxicated homeless man on our walk back to the car.

This was the scenario (don't judge)...

Homeless Guy: "Hey ladies, do you have any spare cash?"

We blondes (and mom): "No sorry sir, we didn't bring our purses."

Homeless Guy: "Yeah, whatever...F*** you! (walks away)

Mari (Looking back at him in disgust): "Really dude? Get a job...A** hole!"

Jan and I : "You're gonna get us killed!"

Mari: "Whatever, he's old and scrawny, plus there's only one of him and three of us...We can totally take him. I'm so not worried!"

I must admit, at the moment, I was a little nervous thinking we were going to get attacked by a drunk homeless dude, but since we didn't, we have laughed about this ever since, and I'm sure it will become another family classic! Thanks Mari, for having our backs!

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